December Meeting – Plants Need a Balanced Diet Too



Our next meeting is on Monday 3rd December.

The meeting will commence at 7pm with the Society’s AGM.  Please arrive early so that the AGM can start promptly.

The AGM will be followed by a talk by Roger Umpleby entitled Plants Need a Balanced Diet Too.  Roger is a professional entomologist, horticulturist, and a passionate plant and nature  lover who enjoys sharing his low and respect for the natural world with anyone prepared to listen.  Previously Roger has spoken to us about his trip to Fiji and Samoa, but this time he will stay closer to home with a talk focused on soil and soil nutrition and unravelling the mystique of what plants need to survive.

As always the the venue for the evening is Colwall Village Hall and complimentary refreshments will be available from 6:30pm.

The evening is free to members or £5 per visitor. Annual membership (which runs from January to December) is £15.