February Meeting: “Roses, the most garden worthy of all plants”

Our 2024 programme is in full swing as we look forward to welcoming Michael Marriott on Monday 5th February. Michael is one of the world’s leading rosarians and worked at David Austin Roses for 35 years.

We had quite a few new members in January and hope this continues. Membership costs £22 and can be paid by cash, cheque or contactless. Tea and coffee will be served from 7pm. Please think about arriving early to give us time to process membership paperwork. The talk starts at 7.30.

Michael Marriott (Senior Rosarian)

“Roses are amazing plants and as a group are hugely versatile and variable.  They can be used in just about any part of the garden from the very formal to the completely wild and from the large scale to the intimate. In terms of size they vary from some that are barely a foot tall to others that reach 60ft up into trees. The flowers can be tiny less than an inch across or huge up to 9” across and everything in between. The fragrance too is hugely variable second only to the tropical epiphytic orchids. Every garden should have lots!”