AGM’22 and December Meeting: ‘Four Seasons and a Festival’ with Adrian James

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM which will start promptly at 7pm on Monday 5th December. We will be electing new officers and members on to the committee so please come along and give your support.

ALL AGM PAPERWORK CAN BE FOUND ON THE AGM PAGE UNDER THE MORE TAB. This includes last year’s minutes as well as the Agenda, Chairman’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and the Audited Accounts for 2022. To save on trees and printing costs, we will only have a few copies of each for people to reference, as opposed to having copies of each for everyone to read on the evening.

We still need more members to come onto the committee as we have 3 people stepping off and only 1 person coming on!! It’s not too late to get in touch to express an interest and find out more about what is involved. PLEASE GIVE THIS SERIOUS CONSIDERATION!

Refreshments will follow the AGM.

The talk will start at 7.30pm.

Four Seasons and a Festival’ with Adrian James

Adrian James lives in Offenham and some of you may have visited his garden, ‘Langdale’ which is open for NGS and other charities. Adrian and his wife developed this garden from scratch which was designed so that there would always be something of interest, whatever the season.

Four brilliant gardens, one for each season to showcase the best of English gardens in that season and a festival to finish!