Fabulous February Meeting! ‘No Nettles Required’

Thanks for joining us last night. We had over 70 people log in!

Ken’s talk dispelling the myths about wildlife gardening was informative and most enjoyable. Drawing on years of academic study based in people’s back gardens, Ken’s message is that more plants and flowers equals more wildlife. We don’t need to worry too much about what types of plants i.e. native or exotic, indeed it seems that a mix of plants to extend the season are most effective in providing for wildlife.

Other good ways of providing habitats and food for wildlife is to have a pile of logs lying around. Better still if we can partially bury some dead wood as this will provide a permanently moist habitat. As they rot down this will encourage an increased variety of insects. Ken pointed out that the more insects we have in our gardens, then this will lead to more of the larger wildlife we love to see such as birds.

Ken also advised that we don’t need to spend too much money on buying ‘fancy’ wildlife nests or hotels. Homemade ones can often be most effective. Blocks of wood with different sized holes for solitary bees will attract a lot more species and leaving an area of uncut grass will provide food for the larvae of many common butterflies. What could be better?