November Meeting – The Winter Garden


Our next talk, on Monday 5th November, is given by Val Bourne.  Val is a very well known garden writer, lecturer and organic gardener.  She is the author of many books, including the The Natural Gardener (2004), The Winter Garden (2006) and The Living Jigsaw (2017).  Val has also written the popular Ten-Minute Gardener’s Guides.  She contributes regularly to The Daily Telelgraph, Gardens Illustrated and a host of other publications.

Putting the garden to bed by cutting everything down is an alien concept to Val who enjoys her garden in winter as much as she does in summer. She leaves many seed heads intact to shelter insect and small animal life and they look sensational in low light especially when rimed in frost. And when the sun sinks to its lowest point and the leaves have fallen, that’s when the stems, branches and trunks of choice trees shine out in the minimalist garden. This lecture features some of the plants you should include in your garden to make your garden stunning in the winter months.

As always the the venue for the evening is Colwall Village Hall and complimentary refreshments will be available from 7:00pm.


The evening is free to members or £5 per visitor. Annual membership (which runs from January to December) is £15.